What can we copy, paste and delete?

I see copy, paste and delete mentioned in the manual for Step, Automation and Pattern modes.

Is copy + paste or deleting an entire row or track possible? It would be very helpful to be able to quickly duplicate a track’s settings into a new track, duplicate all the patterns in a row, or delete all the patterns in a row. For live sets, as I’m recording patterns and filling up rows, it would be good to “make space” in earlier rows by deleting their patterns quickly so that I have more space to record new patterns.

Also, it would be great to be able to duplicate project A into project B (or vice-versa) or copy rows or patterns from one project into another with copy + paste. Is this something that’s possible?

you can copy blocks/rows/all notes and automation

you can copy/paste individual patterns (which is pretty quick in fairness)
but currently you cannot copy rows/blocks of patterns.

within those constraints you can do this across projects.

Ok, another feature request for my list, thanks.

A related question:

Can I copy select notes (at least 2 but as many as a whole pattern’s worth of notes) from one pattern, and paste them into an already-existing pattern (adding the notes where missing, not replacing the existing pattern completely)?

Example: I have started creating drum tracks that have the “fill” notes on the same track. I tend to use the same 4 or 5 drum fills, esp. in rock songs. Can I create a new drum pattern, then go a pattern that has the fill, copy the fill notes, and paste them into the new pattern I just created, adding the fill to the drum track?

thanks! :slight_smile:


I see no reason it shouldn’t work.

I’ll try this today, I’m currently in the Drum Lanes phase of learning Hapax.
Are you asking specifically asking about copying “fill”notes and pasting as “fill” notes or just “normal” notes that are what we typically think if as a “drum fill”? (Or both?)

I haven’t arrived at the “fill” functionality yet but I should today. I can test this regardless.

Are you planning to implement this, @Thibault_Squarp ? It really feels like an unnecessary chore to copy-paste the up to 12 track-patterns to the row below.

Otherwise I’ll send in an official request.

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No, this is not planned.