What am I doing wrong? Midi over usb to Minilogue XD

I have the usb cable coming from the xd into the hermod, set the xd to receive usb midi on channel 16, Hermod midi out effect is set to usb device on channel 16 and nothing.

I need to set it up like this because only 2 of my synths have midi thru.

For what I understand USB device port only works with PC or device who can be master midi. Use USB host port and set midi out to USB host

I ment to say usb host port. I set it to midi-host in that list

This is the midi thru settings. You need to enter the track you want to use with the minilogue, go into the fx page, insert a midi out fx and set it up accordingly. I also suggest putting the midi out fx on slot 8

this is not true.

the usb device port is used for any usb class compliant midi device, its nothing to do with ‘master’

@BonerPizza , sorry you need to be a bit clearer about what you are trying to achieve and your setups… your OP is pretty unclear.

you only need to use the midi thru option, if you wish to send MID thru the hermod without processing it(.
otherwise keep it turned OFF, as you’ll confuse things :slight_smile: )

if you just want to send midi out, then use the OUTPUT FX, and set the device/channel within it.

if you want to receive midi IN, then you need to set the midi channel for the particular track
(of active track)
see : https://squarp.net/hermod/manual/settings

note: this is channel only, you filter by midi din, usb host, usb device - its just midi channel.

In the manual it only talks about PC for the USB device port, and i couldn’t use it with any other device, it does not work. What devices where you able to use with the USB device port?

Cause I really need a second USB port on the Hermod, unfortunately they’re not the same kind of USB port, and it can’t be used with any class compliant device, as stated on the manual for the USB host. If that’s not the case, you might want to file a bug report about the manual being wrong

the USB device port on the hermod, will work with any USB HOST that supports usb class compliant midi devices…
so things like Maschine+ will work, Ive personally used it with an Organelle.

( the wording on the hermod spec is not technically accurate… and people get get confused about usb host and device all the time )

no you cannot plug another USB device into it, that is why its a USB B, not USB A…
hosts and devices are different, with USB , a device has to be connected to a host.
you can never connect device to device.

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