Warp makes triplets, but not quintuplets

Following the manual’s example of warping, in drum mode, I put down three consecutive hi hats starting at the down beat, hold down all three pads, then press [+]. I get three in the space of four, and I can hear the triplets against my 4-on-the-floor kick. Starting over on the hi hats track, I put down five consecutive hi hats, very carefully hold down all five pads, and press [-]. I don’t get five in the space of four, but a 16th note rhythm that’s not regular. The fifth note falls before the next downbeat as it should, but the spacing of the five is not regular.

Also, when I do this to the hi hat track, the 4-on-the-floor kick track gets modified, too. One time when this happened, the kick track’s second beat got moved one pad to the left. When I replaced it, I was actually getting correct quintuplets on the hi hat track, its five notes coming out spaced regularly. This is my first try with warping. Am I misunderstanding something, or is this feature still not reliable?

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I also noted that the warp doesn’t work reliable. You need to take the quantization out of the track otherwise the effect doesn’t work.

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Thanks. I already had quantization off for the track and the project.

I’ll investigate this


I am not able to reproduce this issue.
WARP works perfectly as intended on my side.

If pQUANT (project quantization) is ON, you’ll have to set the quantize strength to 0% in the track for it not to be affected.

Just for reference, please note WARP, quantize and SWING FX all work differently.

  1. WARP is a “step programming” feature. It is destructive, and moves the programmed notes. It is essentially a shortcut to complex uTIME.

  2. QUANTIZE is a “playhead” feature. Programmed notes will be played early/late by the playhead depending on their relative position to the quantize grid, and the quantize strength. It is non destructive, but only operates on programmed/recorded notes. But because of that, it is capable of applying “negative delay”, i.e. playing late notes on time.

  3. SWING is a real-time non-destructive feature. It operates on all MIDI notes, both programmed, and played live, without distinction.

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Here’s a clumsy video of me trying to have five notes play evenly in the time of four 16th notes. In other words a 5-against-4 polyrhythm. I select the five 16th note hi hats, and when I press the [-] button to make them play evenly in the time of four 16th notes, the five play a non-evenly spaced rhtyhm, and the kick track also changes, losing its 4-on-the-floor rhythm. The five 16th notes sound like they warp into two 16ths, followed by two 32nd’s, followed by one 16th, which is not what polyryhthm means.

I thought it’s supposed to make a quintuplet out of the five 16th notes, that is 5-in-the-time-of-4 and evenly spaced, but that’s not what happens. What am I not understanding?

Would you be so kind as to use a different video platform ?
It is unavailable in my country.

OK, I’ve now changed my above post to link to YouTube.

The issue here is that you are also selecting the KICK lane.

By default, a multiple-events selection will select all notes on the vertical axis inside your selection. Hold 2ND while making your selection to constrain your selection to the selected notes. You may also press 2ND to toggle between “time range” selection, and “rectangular selection”.
c.f. Hapax Manual | Squarp instruments

So, in your video, the Hihats do make a quintuplet, but the KICK has been moved and lands on the fifth quintuplet also, whic does sound wonky, but is perfectly on time.


I will try this later, but please note that the hi hats do not make a quintuplet in my video. They do not play evenly spaced. Those five 16th notes sound like they warp into two 16ths, followed by two 32nd’s, followed by one 16th.

ADDED: I’ve now done the warping from scratch per your instructions and the manual. The notes play as evenly spaced tuplets. I don’t know why they didn’t in my example above. My multiple selection in the video selected five hi hats but only two kicks, so perhaps when warping a multi-selection like that, then warp doesn’t work in a predictable way?

They did, but the kick was also shifted, so it sounded wonky, but the hihats were regularly spaced.

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