Waldorf M "Recall" button sending STOP command via MIDI to Pyramid

Hi there, I just picked up a waldorf M and when I press recall which is the button that loads a new patch it seems to be sending a midi out message to the pyramid to stop transport.

Super weird, I already checked in on the M thread on Gear but I figured I’d check with you guys and see if maybe there’s something obvious going on here?

Also: Does the Pyramid have a “Midi Monitor” feature where I can observe incoming midi messages? This could help ID the culprit message.

yes, pyramid has a midi monitor - setting → info

transport should only be stopped by a stop transport midi message.
you can disable this if necessary in the settings (under sync)

the other thing to perhaps check is that you have pyramidi turned OFF. (unless you need it !) … though that wouldn’t stop transport, but could change patterns/mute if your sending spurious messages.

but yeah, you’ll want to find , and potentially stop your M sending out spurious messages :wink:

Thank you! I disabled incoming transport messages. Im going to look and see if I can ID the midi message using the message minitoring. You rock!

Confirmed, its a bug …

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