Velocity controlled by LFO?

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I’m trying to figure out how to control the velocity of notes in a pattern with either an LFO or assigning one of the encoders and recording an effect parameter. I suspect both are possible, but I have a feeling I’m just looking in the wrong place in the manual or something… any pointers?

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Any update on this? Facing the same issue.

Im not sure if theres a workaround, but it might not be an easy workaround.

Velocity is embedded in the 3 byte Note event message. It’s not like a separate event like a CC.

Suggestion: in your destination synth, make a note of what parameter(s) is/are modulated that youre interested in specifically, and alter that patch to also respond to an available CC, then use a Pyramid LFO.

Oh, after a cup of coffee i reread the OP. One request was a way to record changes to velocity.

“or assigning one of the encoders and recording an effect parameter.”

Im assuming the OP figured this out long ago, but if you wish to “record” note velocity just use Step Edit, select the note events you wish to edit, then turn the knob to change the recorded velocity.

Am i missing something…?
Moar coffee, please

Yeah, velocity as such is embedded in the note event and can’t be altered by existing effects. Expression (or volume) CC’s can be use to control the relative volume via LFO though, but of course it’s not necessarily the same, depends on synth implementation I suppose.

Sorry, i missed if it was specifically volume that was ultimately being addressed. I read "velocity ".

Volume is specific to the receiving device and not a function of the Pyramid.

Yes the question reads “velocity”. Just pointed out expression CC because on many synths/patches, volume is all that velocity actually affects (and so the terminology is often mixed up). Certainly not always, which is why I also said it’s not quite the same.


K. Got it. Thanks. :wink:

Well I wasn’t addressing (much less trying to educate) you @CreepyPants, apologies if you got that impression. There are MIDI newbies on the forum too.

No no no. Sorry.
Feel free to educate me any time because im an idiot.

I just wasnt putting 2 & 2 together on velocity=volume. I wasnt getting the whole "change the Pyramid instead if the synth patch " scenario. Just the way my brain works…or doesnt. :wink:

Oh okay, just a two-way misunderstanding then, those never happen on the internet… :smile:

In the meanwhile, I realized there is an effect that can modify the note velocity on the Pyramid afterall - the equalizer. I haven’t tried this and it’s going to be inaccurate at best, but: if you set the EQ basenote around middle of your track average pitch and then move the mid gain around with effect stepmode (eg draw a fancy curve on the touchpad) or assigned encoder, it should give you a rough control over the note velocity. Another, even wackier way might be setting low gain to 0%, hi gain to 200% and then moving the basenote around.

And then modulate those parameters with an LFO sending out from the Pyramid and routef back in! LOL

Still: just pgm the synth patch to modulate the parameters you want from an available CC.

Then again: coming up with crazy theoretical solutions is great fun.