VCV Rack Hybrid interface?

Hello, please bear with me Im not an engineer and am only dabbling in Eurorack for a few months but I love VCV Rack and my modest Eurorack is mother32 based with a clouds/rings, disting mk3, 0 coast and Ornament and Crime, Mordax Data and Temps Utile… so I would need to add an ES-8 Im told… however since I do not need ADAT and only want to act as a control (cv/gate) to modules and connect to computer via USB can I not replace the functionality of the ES-8 since they are DC Coupled cv according to your instagram post?

I really want to get this instead but can only choose 1 right now ( ahh the joy of eurocrack right? )

meaning to say I wish to control software modules with my hardware and vice versa, using a DAW (ableton live, reaper)
like this setup…