V/Oct CV to Midi


Hi there loving the Hermod thus far! I originally got the hermod so I could take pitch from my harmonaig (4 part eurorack quantizer) and send that pitch data to the midi/usb outs. I have tried everything and i cant figure out how to set up cv>midi pitch translation. Is anyone having luck with that?


Bump? Anyone? I find it hard to believe that no one else is trying to use this thing for cv > midi for pitch?


It’s in settings, CV input settings https://squarp.net/hermod_settings
But it’s unreliable at the moment, even with pre quantized signals… (solved soon)


Hi EarthCry,

I was trying the same yesterday. using pitch and cv out from my Metropolis Sequencer into CV inputs A and B. I was using an empty track with in track settings the CV source configured : CV/gate AB.

Tried differend CV-ranges, and quantize on /off but not a good result. I did get midi notes but not sometimes wrong notes and double notes.


Add the midi out effect on an empty track that has cv / gate in on a&b / c&d.


I did that and the notes are played on the midi device ( JD_990 synth ) but sound off tune.
I still are investigating, maybe I did forget something, or it is a bit buggy


I tried this today with midi out to a monomachine - was perfect. Try turning Quantizer Note with in Settings > CV In to On (Gate).

Does that fix it?


No, this didn’t help me.
Settings > CV in > CV in range
to -5V to +5V did make the tracking better. Despite the manual saying this setting is only for modulation signals, it does seem to affect pitch CV, too. “0V to 5V” results in a scaling of the pitch CV so that semitones become tones.
But pitch CVs are typically 0V to 10V, so the range is truncated to 0V to 5V. I got CV to MIDI working for a 1 octave range (not a very useful octave!). Mmm, so can I offset incoming CVs by -5V to get into Hermod’s -5V to +5V range. Kind of. Then other weirdness sets in.
MIDI garbage must be getting sent out, both because listening to some of the weird stuff suggests so, and because the destination MIDI instrument keeps crashing (MAM MB33, then Mother-32 which I tried to make sure it wasn’t just the MB33).

I’ve been around in circles for 3 hours. I’m giving up. This is something I really hope Squarp sorts out, it’s a major feature isn’t it? I would certainly love to use the Metropolis to sequence MIDI gear …