Using Rample in looping mode

Hey, guys, I recently have become one of happy Rample owners and have a question to more experienced users: I use 1,2 Rample’s channels with korg sq-1 seq. it is really handy. My idea is to have for ex 10 different base clips in FOLDER E1, like 1_base_1, 1_base_2 and so on and i want to shift between these clips with the help of a pot of first trigger of my sequencer. I trigger first clip and than push the trigger again as the base loop was playing further without being triggered again from start. But if being in Layering mode it doesn’t loop this 1_base_1 but automatically switches to 1_base_2 when base 1 finishes playing and to base_3 but i want having my base_1 being looped till i change my voltage of trigger to more volts and push trigger 1 again as to make base_2 play next also being looped. Is there a possibility to work like this using Rample?

i want to shift between these clips with the help of a pot of first trigger.

not sure what this means…

Im guessing (its hard to tell) what you want is to change the layer by one of the pots, as the sample is at the loop point?
(though later you seem to say you want to trigger it again?! , so really not sure what you want.)

if we check the manual…

which layer is used depends on mode (manual, random, cycle etc)
including selecting manually (by CV or midi)

you cannot select by pot, as these are fixed to parameters.
your choices are :
a) you a midi controller and control layer by midi
b) use a voltage source in your modular - many active attenuators can be used a static voltage source, e.g. something like Befaco AB+C

unfortunately, theres no output (*) to know when a sample loops, so that timing has to be done manually.

btw: Ive not tested to see what happens if you change a sample whilst its looping … does it switch immediately, or wait till it restarts?.. will have a go next time I play with rample.

(*) and as this would be a hardware change, no way it could be added in firmware.

Thanks for reply! I will try to explaine more correctly
What i mean is having trigger 1 at a point of 1 volt which responds to sample_1, when it triggers the first sample, i immediately push this trigger again as the sample continued to play to its full length. and than i twist pot on my sq-1 to 2 volts which will choose this time a sample_2 when triggered again (and a also want it to be looped) That’s the idea: to have one folder for many long samples which can be chosen like this and were playing looped till i trigger the next sample manually with the increased voltage on trigger)

It works now! The task is complete. The problem was in running mode which is accessed by double clicking the fourth button i couldn’t find before!

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