Using poly track for drums that don't require different channels

So I’m still getting acquainted with the hapax, and I was lamenting the fact that there are only 8 tracks available on the drum tracks (have a tr8s which is 11 tracks not including ‘alt’ sounds).

Then I realised… The poly track does everything the same essentially. right? The only reason you actually need a drum track is for devices that require separate midi channels? (apart from the handy labels)

Is there anything I’m missing?

It would certainly be nice if the drum tracks had an octave feature to extend beyond 8 tracks.

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I use both drum tracks and regular poly tracks with my drum machines. :slight_smile: Both work well enough for me, and regular poly tracks are also more convenient for tuned percussion for obvious reasons. Only major thing for me (that’s also easily solved with drum tracks) is of course that depending on the note numbers in your kit/drum source the notes can end up stretched across several octaves…

you’re missing things like ‘every n’ function which only applies to drums, and ability to map drums to different midi channels (e.g. to combine multiple drum machines) … an extra 8 drum lanes would be ideal, but square don’t seem to listen to this request :confused:

fair point, that could get annoying with the spread notes - thankfully the tr8s has the ability to remap the notes and I just set them to ascending semitones from 36

What is the ‘every n’ thing? Is this outside of the math parameter?