Using Envelopes with CV and expanding

I everyone,

I recently got into the modular realm with my Hapax, and it’s a blast. I was looking for envelope generators, until I figured I could use the Hapax as such. Only issue is my 4 CV outputs are already taken by 4 voices. So a few questions:

Do you guys use the enveloppes as traditional enveloppes ? Do you hear stepped responses?

If I wanted to add a midi CC to CV expander, I think I can’t add a CC automation to a CV track, I can’t find a way to assign a port/channel if CV/GATE is selected, is that correct. I would need to output notes AND CC through the same expander, so my Hapax output is MIDI A/B/C/D right ?

If that is indeed the case I would need an FH2+ 8CV or 2 Flame expanders and the cost of those options is steep, if that is so I would rather have a dedicated envelope generator (à la XAOC Zadar or such).

Thank you to anyone willing to take a second to answer, and cheers to the Hapax team for their incredible product.

The main use case for envelopes from HAPAX (as far as I can see) is for MIDI devices, not necessarily for modular. For example, a MIDI-compliant synth with a built-in filter should respond to CC 74 for controlling the filter’s cutoff.

In a modular context, none of those CC mappings exist: you have to set them up yourself. Something like the FH-2 (which I have and love) is great because you can turn your modular into a spec-compliant MIDI device if you want, so if you goal is to turn your modular into a sort-of set-and-forget MIDI device, I’d 100% recommend the FH-2. If you’re trying to prioritize flexibility in the modular, then just have it take gate, v/oct, and maybe velocity, and deal with all the modulation in the modular context.