Using ableton push to send muliple midi (or usb) sequences to hermod in real time

Hi all!
Having read some previous threads i understand that hermod can read midi coming in and convert to cv.
However, can i check this is possible on multiple channels?
Im not a massive fan of the tiny screen on hermod ao would rather use my push to send multiple midi tracks over to hermod and play my modular using it as an uber sequencer/8 channel midi to cv converter.
Is it just a case of setting multiple midi channels and sending , say, all 8 midi channels over via midi cc or usb to be then converted into cv by hermod?

yes, every track can be a different midi channel.
(see manual , under settings)

this is, obviously, most useful when using for pitch/gate, so melodic content where you want to be sure of which track is used (rather than using poly tracks on one midi channel)
as an extension to this, is used when you want to fire gates on tracks.

for CC-> cv , it can be used , but less ‘useful’, since you could also just use different cc’s to get same functionality…so this tends to be useful, when you are trying to get access to gates (see above :wink: )

Thanks technobear. I have already been using keystep to do gates and pitch on midi and have been enjoying recording various melodies etc and look fwd to the next terms of having ableton playing the modular via hermod, recording and slicing live samples etc i might stay away fron cc while i get the basics down!

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