User defined and pentatonic scales WORKAROUND (sort of)


There was some chat last week about lack of user defined/pentatonic scales.

I found a crude (and limited) but ‘playable’ workaround.

  • Enable pattern mode in your instrument track
  • In pattern 1 add the first note of your scale
  • Set pattern run mode to Trig
  • Copy the pattern into patterns 2,3,4,5 as required
  • Amend the note in each pattern to the required note in your user defined scale
  • Set Pattern Delay to Instant in Settings menu
  • Boom, you can now play your user defined scale using the pads and triggering patterns.

Some limitations:

  • Obviously pyramid needs to be playing for the notes to sound as you switch between patterns.
  • And you cant hold a note down to sustain it, you can only trigger a 16th (or however long your programmed step is)
  • And if you want to record your playing you’ll have to send the output back to MIDI In (i’ve never done this but I believe other people have)
  • And if you want all your other patterns to switch on grid you need to go back into Settings and turn the instant switch off.
  • And it’s monophonic.
  • And you have to put an extra pattern in there with a zero velocity note so that a note doesn’t trigger in one of the other patterns when you unmute the track.
  • And probably loads more.

But you know, you can’t have everything*


*Although I guess you could have user defined scales as part of core functionality.