Use Pyramid to control patterns and parts in Korg Electribe Sampler

how do I do this?
I am learning both machines right now, and I know a good amount about how midi works. I’m confused how to connect the dots here, because I always used synths on a midi channel, and did program changes, but I don’t know what to do when the device has a bunch of parts to play, and I want to automate this. So far, I got the Pyramid to play “parts”, and each part is a midi channel. What to do when I want to play the whole pattern? Or change to another “pattern”? If someone knows cross information to help me between these two, I’d appreciate it!

P.S. I need step by step from a-z.

Are you wanting to play the electribe patterns on its own sequencer and have the Pyramid tell the electribe when to change pattern?

Or do you want to sequence the electribe from the Pyramid and wanting to know how to have different sections?

You use of the term ‘device’ isn’t clear to me if you mean the electribe or the Pyramid.

It would be great to be able to have the Electribe play the patterns and the Pyramid tell the Electribe when to change them. But so far I’ve sequenced it all from the Pyramid.

You can setup a track in pyramid and send program changes to Electribe. Use patterns on this track and put a program change on each pyramid pattern pressing 2nd and track to go to the track setup page for each pattern.

You have to check the electribe manual about the midi implementation of program changes(midi channel and lsb, usb values).

Thank you. Yes I think this is better than just sending a sync. I’ll just use Pyramid for patterns, and the sampler to play out the sounds. I figured out the program changes too. :slight_smile: works!

Actually, except for the Novation Basstation 2. The LSB and MSB don’t seen standard but it’s not listed in my manuals I got with the synth, and I tried looking online. If anyone knows this off by heart I’d super appreciate it!

In BassStation 2 there is only one bank, so LSB and MSB don’t make sense. But the program change is working fine, you can change the PC value in Pyramid and it will change the patch in BS2.

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I did the work for you since you seem to be new in the technical side of midi.
So, this is taken from electribe sampler midi implementation
“*6 : Pattern MIDI Out [Hex] [Dec]
Pattern 001 - 127 mm,bb,pp : 00,00,01~7F / 00,00,001~127
Pattern 128 - 250 00,01,01~79 / 00,01,001~121”
There are your msb usb values along with program change message.
Pattern 001 - 127 MSB=00, LSB=00, PG 001 to 127
Pattern 128 - 250 MSB=00, LSB=01, PG 001 to 121