Use CV outs as gates?

Hello first post here at the forum, just pre-ordered a Hapax and now almost can’t wait for June to come around :slight_smile:

I was not able to locate an answer in the manual or on the forum, but apologise if this has been answered elsewhere.

Is it possible to use the CV outs as gates to trigger drums, so that a drum track could utilise all 8 instrument rows? I understand that it is possible of course to have CV make gate like envelopes, but is it possible directly/easily to send trigger/gate signals on all eight cv/gate outputs from a drum track?
Just realising I actually did not see mention in the manual for triggering drums via cv/gate. Is that possible in the first place?

My specific use is the 6m0d6 drum module which should be arriving any day now at my door :slight_smile:

so in theory yes, cv could be used as gates.

in practice, the hapax UI often assumes (e.g. drum trigs) you’d only uses gates… and keep cv for modulation etc.
but its worth asking Squarp about.

I have actually raised something similar in this area.
for clock cv outputs, Id prefer to use a cv for reset , rather than having to lose another gate
(interestingly, Hermod does have this option !)

currently if you want to use cv clock/reset , you’d have to use G3/G4 (e.g)
Id prefer to use CV4/GT3

that seems like a ‘waste’ of an analog cv (CV4) for a digital signal,
but, this is so that I still have 3 CV/GATE pairs to use for melodic tracks.

so yeah, send a feature request…

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Thanks for the quick response technobear. Enjoyed your videos on the Hapax tremendously as well.
Will reach out to them directly then :slight_smile:

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or you get an OXI One, that offers 8 CV + 8 Gate