USB midi out on Pyramid?


Today I received my Miditech midi USB host box, and I have connected it to the Squarp using a Korg Kross 2. I could record notes via USB midi to the Squarp. Strangely enough, midi out from the Squarp is not triggering notes on the Kross. In Live mode, when I press notes on the Squarp I see the USB icon blinking, so it looks like my Squarp is sending out notes. But where does it get lost ?
I have set channels 1-16 to Midi USB. What am I doing wrong ??

I’d check first
setting/midi out
setting/info/ outs ins

Thanks for replying, I did that. Squarp is clearly sending notes on Usb out, and all channels on C are set to the corresponding Usb channel. In Midi monitor I can see that notes are sent to Usb out.
There is a chance that I got a defected Midi Usb host box, I will do some further test just to be sure.

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