USB hub reco for Pyramid

I’ve tried two powered USB hubs and been frustrated with the results.
I’d like to buy one that has been proven to work well with Pyramid and Bome MTP.

What qualities should I be looking for?


Ive used 2 or 3 different powered USB hubs with a BomeBox and Pyramid with few issues, so Im unfamiliar with potential problems outside of the hubs that “switch” between data and charging.

What issues are you having?

I’ve ended with iconnectivity mio, 10 midi-able USB ports is something, but: it doesn’t work with 1010 blackbox (last firmware)

One had a faulty power connection. With the other, it would periodically freeze and then many midi messages would come through at once,

I thought there was a particular quality they needed to have (or not have). I can get the elektron one locally but I remember reading it was over priced and doesn’t come w power.

Ive used a variety of (powered) usb hubs with the pyramid without issue.

(you will need power, as its quite hungry on mA, combined with other usb devices it could push it over the edge)

midi messages are tiny, you should not be able to ‘flood’ a usb hub with them…
what else are you running on that hub?
try running just the pyramid on the hub alone… then adding one device at a time back, to see which is the offending one.

the Elektron hub (overhub) is an MTT hub, and yeah, you can get other MTT hubs cheaper - however they are not well advertised. BUT you don’t need MTT for midi, they are only really required when using mutliple USB 2 audio interfaces.
(hence elektrons interest when you have multiple overbridge devices)

thats said, I buy MTT hubs, just so I dont have to think about which hub im using when running audio interfaces. Ive got a few instruments that can act as audio interfaces, so gives me flexibility.

Im also now connecting pyramid to a iconnectivity mio, but only because i need the extra midi din and usb host routing… it worked fine on my usb hubs before that.

Sold on the mioxl!

I can also use the extra din.

i wanna second some folks in here - the main issue i have with usb anything, is power. When it comes to data, I think just about any usb hub should work.

I think i have like four or five different usb hubs. the most sturdy i have is the elektron overbridge. it’s a little metal beast and its got good power distribution. I also like doing things like appending usb ports to devices like the bome box.

good luck!

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