USB Host monitoring selected track only?

Just wondering if it’s possible to set the input on Hapax when using MIDI Host to monitor the selected track only.

For instance if I have Hapax’s 16 tracks going to 16 tracks in a Daw, each one with their own MIDI Chanel, but I want to audition them via my controller routed through Hapax, I need to set the host input for each track to a unique MIDI channel otherwise they are all triggered at once using the same channel.

It would be nice if there was an option for the host input that only passed MIDI on the selected track rather than changing MIDI channel on the controller each time, which is something I never do.

Track Input = ‘all active’ is the closest… is designed for the workflow you are talking about.
however, it wont limit to just usb host, it’ll use any port/channel. but only when the track is active.

if you need something more specific you can send a feature request via the contact form

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Thank you.

I believe these two settings are what you’re looking for.


  • Active Track
    – Allows for routing MIDI messages to the active track regardless of the track’s input parameters.
  • Active Track Channel
    – When the previous setting “Active Track Port” is active, this sets the channel which messages should be sent to the active track.

c.f. Hapax Manual | Squarp instruments