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Hi folks,

I have a pyamid and an MPC One. One is going to be sold. I thought it would be an easy decision to keep the MPC, but it hasn’t been like that. What I love about the MPC is the easy of connectivity to all my gear via usb.

The Pyramid claims to do that too, but I am still unsuccessful to make that happen. Does anyone set up that way? I would love some help. Ideally I want to be able to play each of my synths individually to record into the Pyramid as opposed to using one as a controller.

Can someone help me figure out what I need to do to make this happen?


i believe the Multitrack mode settings should allow for this (haven’t set it up that way myself)


  • MULTITRACK OFF will play notes and CC on the current track, regardless of the controller channel.
  • MULTITRACK BANK X will play channel 01 events on TR01X, channel 02 events on TR02X, …channel 16 events on TR16X.
  • CH01 to CH16 will play events of the selected channel on the current track. Other channels are always sent thru MIDI A output.

Would I be able to use a USB hub or something. I tried to hook it up and didn’t figure it out. Seems like I want Multitrack Off?

To use MIDI USB with Pyramid at all, you need an USB Host to route the data (and power the Pyramid as well). That is, a computer or a dedicated box, MioXM/MioXL and Bomebox being popular choices for that but various other options exist, depending on the amount of gear etc. Some support additional hubs, some dont. Plenty of discussion + info on and around the topic in the forum.

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I was able to get it to work with a virtual midi host called MIDI Patchbay. I will check out those hardware options that you suggested! Thank you so much.

Any chance you know how to do this in Logic Pro? I was hoping I could just host it there, but I wasn’t able to get the communication right. Thanks!

Sorry but nope, I’m one of those DAWless cavemen :smile:

I am trying to live in two worlds and not doing a great job of it.

I too do my best to go dawless and I’ve been using a raspberry pi with great success. I run PatchBox OS which can automatically patch all usb midi devices connected to it together. It basically behaves like a thru and merge box in one to great effect. It’s a cheap solution if you don’t mind a little bit of diy.

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