USB 2 ports? I'm confused

I just received my Pyramid and i’m confused as to what the input beneath the mini usb is for?
The manual suggests there is usb midi in and a usb midi out port. If that is the case what type of USB connector do i need to connect the port beneath the main one? None of the usb i own fit it.


There is only one USB port.
USB is bidirectional (one connection = both In and Out)
The slot underneat the mini usb port you see is a Kensington lock thing.

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Aah, I see. Thank you. I need to order a mini USB to usb2 cable in order connect to my laptop/DAW.

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Yes. mini USB, as opposed to micro.

Or you can use the power supply to supply power at the USB slot and if you have a MIDI interface on your computer or sound card, you can connect via 5 pin DIN MIDI cable.

…or if you’re tricky: both. :wink:

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Yeah I just ordered a mini USB to old skool usb2. My Mac is 2012 and has 2 usb ins + thunderbolt that my Apollo Twin connects too.
All my midi connections go into Unitor8 and I have the usb out of that going to a usb hub before finally connecting to the Mac. But i fear I may need to find another way of getting it all to work…no luck so far!

I dont understand what you’re asking. Sorry

Sorry my friend, i’m still all at sea with this so i’m not speaking too plainly! My head is close to frying!
I’ll start again tomorrow and hopefully i’ll be more coherent!

For mission critical USB midi and ad/da connections I usually go direct to the computer if possible to avoid any jitter the USB hub may create. YMMV.

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