Urgent Wishlist update

… We need a Seq Rec option for the Arpeggiator like in the new Korg Arp 2600.
There you can record a short sequence of notes with up and down modus like a short melodie and let them play straight by the Arpeggiator.
Please and Fast!
Need this as soon as possible.

just a reminder: feature requests should be submitted via contact form.

and just my 2 cents. if i really need some MIDI processing feature badly, i implement it as Axoloti patch, because who knows will it ever appear to firmware. btw, i like your proposition and probably will try to make something like this.


Squarp team are your slaves?

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Aren’t we all slaves?
No I am kidding, i think this is really a feature that must be part of pyramid :wink:

Why is there an urgent need for this? Arp on Hermod is a MIDI function applied to played or recorded chords. Just record the chords and you can replicate the arp as much as you like.
Somtimes, an “urgent need” arises if one does not understand a device yet. Hermod has some blind spots in its functionality. Arp is not one of them, on the contrary.

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You can do this and better using the midi effects

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I don’t even understand from the description what it should be doing…