Update via USB?


I don’t have a card reader with my computer. Is it possible to update via USB? Let me know. Thanks, Joe

no, but you can easily find very cheap SD CARD to USB adapters :slight_smile:

I decided to purchase a FlashAir wireless SD card for my Pyramid.
Just to prevent the card reader wear&tear and because previous ‘cheap brand’ SD card was not reliable.
works like a charm and i can upload PyraOS updates directly to the card from my LAN and also take backups of project files with a script from my Linux box. \o/

@jahasw Can you say me more about this and a link of where to buy?


these are what I am using, though I believe there are other brands too.
I got the older generation 8GB one, which is not terribly fast but seems to be reliable.
I configured mine to connect to my local network whenever Pyramid is powered on, but it can set up an independent WLAN access point also and use an android app etc to upload/download files, also works with regular web browser and uses a HTTP CGI-interface to upload files.

For the backup script i had to make my own, since the html is javascript generated so the actual file URLs have to be parsed from the javascript code… but I made a simple 2-liner for Linux shell and it works great.

edit: here’s a sample script that might work with some cards: