Update CCs on assigned encoders when changing patterns?

I jump around between patterns a lot and have different program changes and automation for the patterns. If I then use the encoders to send CCs to my devices they are often in a ‘bad state’ from the previous pattern and can cause unwanted loud noises.

Is there some way to make a pattern change initialise the CC values on the assigned encoders?

Isn’t that what the ‘default’ value (of a automation lane) is for?

@Donk are you saying to sending a “reset” CC so that the synth/tone generator returns to a default state when switching patterns?

I sent a feature request for something somewhat similar. I asked for a [RESET] section of a definition file causing Hapax to send a list of MIDI messages upon song stop.

My use case is driven by the need to send CC64 0 (sustain off) when the Hapax is stopped so that my tone generators don’t go on sustaining (in some cases forever).

To an extent yes, the default value sends the CC values on pattern change which is great

But if I have configured an encoder manipulating the same CC I would like that encoder to be updated as well because it might set to 127 (for example) from a previous pattern and when the default value is set to 15 (for example). Turning the knob would start at 127 possibly making lots of noise.

I hope I’m describing this correctly, this might be an edge case and might be specific to my workflow :slight_smile: But I’m still curious if it makes sense to anybody else.

@Donk Yes, that would make sense…

@Donk have you submitted a feature request on the contact form?

Hmm, this actually sounds like an oversight/bug to me, so +1