Unsynced playback of tracks?

How do I play/launch tracks unsynced/manually, inpedendent of the sequencer? Similar to the Octatracks “Plays free” mode.

I have tried to find an answer to this far and wide, but not sure if my search terminology is simply lacking.
I was sure that this was a core functionality of the Pyramid, but now I’m not so sure anymore.

not really…but kind of :slight_smile:

which is perhaps why its tricky to find …

pyramid doesn’t really allow you to stop/start tracks.

rather it has the ability to :

  • mute tracks
  • restart tracks
  • change patterns
  • decide upon synchronisation of these actions.

so… generally tracks are always ‘running’, and they are synchronised.
and you can just mute them so you don’t ‘hear’ them

so when a track is in free mode, if you unmute it, it will play from its current play position.
but if you switch it to (eg) trig mode , when you unmute it, it will restart.
(so it kind of a bit like free mode, but its operating pretty different really)

on top of this setting contain various options for synchronisation , e.g. does an unmute happen immediately , or is it synchronised to a bar/beat etc.

as I say, a very different principle to the Octatrack… but depending on your exact requirements you may find it can be used similarly with 'trig mode" (>1) - but it won’t be identical, as its a very different type of sequencer. (hence my long winded explanation :wink: )

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Great thanks for the clarification! Not at my Pyramid for a couple of days, but when reading about the ‘Trig’ mode in the manual it states that:

“TRIG ( icon displayed under TR): the track plays once at the beginning of the sequence and does not loop. The track is simply triggered and stops when it reaches its end.”

Is there a way to have this track behaviour, but still have the track looping?

I think RELATCH mode will do this.

so basically, you have it muted, then when you unmute it will restart…
(again bare in mind all the various sync options for things like seq/unmute/pattern)

you might also be able to do something with patterns… so go from an empty pattern to one with something on it.

as I said, not exactly the same as the OT, so you have to play with various options to see what suits your need the best.

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Great, sounds exactly what I am looking for. Very similar functionality except for the terminology :slight_smile:
Many thanks to you for the swift reply.

nah, it’s more than terminology , its quite a different approach.
(start/stop vs mute/restarts… not really the same :wink: )

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