Uneven Track length?

i’m trying to set a track length of 5 steps? I just can’t - only 8,12,16 anodes on are possible. How can i achieve 5,7 or any other number of steps?

In Polymeter mode.

For 5 steps…

Set time sig to 5/16
Track length 1 bar
Zoom x1

For 7,9,13 steps. Time sig is 7/16, 9/16, 13/16 etc.

In Polyrhythm mode

For 5 steps

Set time sig to 20: 4
Bar length to (0) 5/20
Zoom x1



thanks a lot … that works

but seems complicated

Polymeter mode is pretty straightforward but polyrhythm mode catches me out every time. There is some interplay between the Zoom and the bar length that still seems unpredictable to me. I was going to write up a quick guide/settings chart/table for uneven steps in polymeter mode. But I never got round to it… Maybe one day.

The simplest method:

  • Set the time signature = 16:4
  • Change the track length: 1 step, 2 steps, 3 steps…