Unconventional techniques with Pyramid


I’ve been using the Pyramid for some years now and I especially like the way I can expand the possibilities of different instruments.

For example, I made a video of how I make a wacky melodic synth out of the LXR-02 drum synth: https://youtu.be/rpwOc7nXaSM?si=Ac-x4BE1hi1UZyAf

I’d really like to hear what kind of weird stuff you’ve done with the Pyramid and how are different devices responding to your oddball commands :slight_smile:


I have an RGB LED light strip that uses 3 MIDI notes (one for each of the 3 color channels Red, Green, and Blue) and velocity for the brightness of the color. I set up sequences with separate tracks for each color and combine them in different ways, e.g. all 3 colors playing quarter notes on 1 and 3, then the green moves to quarter notes on 2 and 4, then blue moves to whole notes for each measure and ramps up/down velocity.

Does that count?


It sure does count! Sounds great, I have been thinking of usinf the Pyramid as lighting controller as well. Just missing a midi to dmx box. I think the sequencing possibilities of Pyramid could make some really neat lights, perfectly in sync with the music.

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i integrate my pyramid with my visuals as well. :slight_smile:

i use mine to time visualizer effects with a program called synethesia.

i was trying to think what else i do might be less conventional. i feel like to some extent everyone plays this thing so differently we all feel unconventional and yet, i feel like i do it the way other people to do it too. I wonder what the overlap is there?

one thing i did with my pyramid is i built a scheme with it and a bomebox that allows me to start/stop other sequencers like the ones i often find embedded in my synths (the roland system 8 is one such synth I control this way). I use this scheme to work around limitations in the pyramid when switching songs and being able to blend as i load another file.

what else uh, i hope i don’t say these and everyone is like “dude that’s in the manual” lol:

  • i like to use cc lfos to modulate parameters that lfos on my synth can’t modulate
  • i like to use cc lfo sample and hold with really really low ranges (like 3 values maybe 4) to simulate humanness in attack, decay, and other settings on synths.

I just got myself reminded of this fantastic experiment with the Pyramid and a horde of Delay Lamas:


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