UI playhead stutters in reverse

If I place a track in ping pong or reverse mode, I noticed the graphical display of the play head glitches in reverse but is smooth while going forward. However, playback seems to be fine either way. Is this just a glitch in the user interface? Has anybody else noticed this?

I noticed this in a demo on youtube this week. I believe it’s because only the order of the sequence is reversed. The notes themselves play forwards if that makes sense?. So each time it’s playing backwards and gets to a note, it skips to the front of the note and scans across it the normal direction and when that ends it carries on its reverse journey. That’s why it looks like it’s skipping/glitchy


That makes sense, but still a little strange visually.

that looks really terrible… i’ll write a ticket if you haven’t

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Please do. I’ve already sent in a few tickets recently as it is. :cyclone:

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It might not be aesthetically pleasing and an eye sore to some, but I can assure you it is the best way to play a pattern in reverse, especially if said pattern was recorded. Using the unquantized end of a note as its beginning just isn’t musical in 90% of cases.

We prefer not to ‘lie’ and make the playhead butter-smooth when in fact we are just remapping 1/16th notes in reverse, but playing them forwards.

TL;DR: not a bug, very much intentional.


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