Two hours in and Hapax is going to clear out my studio

I’ve had the Hapax for only two hours but I’m pretty sure I can start prepping 4 items for sale!

I’m pretty shocked because my studio has been a revolving door of sequencers for the past two years. Hapax isn’t perfect yet, but it checks so many boxes right out the gate!


How much do you want for the BCR2000? :grin:

I was looking at buying a Seq literally the day before the Hapax announcement. Glad I waited…

The Zaq is super cool. I haven’t made the final decision yet, though.

The Seq is a great sequencer, but it is extremely limited and there won’t be any additional updates. It’s solidly built and works great for limited use cases.

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Since I’m on the June bandwagon, I don’t have to make any decisions yet. My Deluge may be on the chopping block if I get along with Hapax well.

Although the Deluge has internal synths and sampling, I normally end up using 90% external synths, and for that, the Hapax is undeniably a more powerful sequencer (except perhaps for song mode). But the one role Deluge takes in my setup that Hapax can’t replicate is drum sequencing using samples.

I don’t have a drum machine per se, but I do have a handful of drum modules and a Metron for sequencing in the rack. The Hapax may also make the Metron obsolete. Alternatively, I could also use Hapax to clock Metron, although that may just complicate things too much.

Anyway just chiming in because this posts reminds me that I’ll have to be evaluating several pieces of gear in the next few months.

i have my Pyramid for sale on Reverb but since I’ve already back-ordered my Hapax, if it doesn’t sell . . . what are the possibilities for integrating a Pyramid with Hapax? could you slave the Pyramid clock to Hapax to increase available Tracks? sync issues aside, i guess the only wrinkle would be not having dual-project architecture on Pyramid, so still having to load one “song” at a time (though less of an issue if Hapax can just switch over to the next Project while you do that)

I’ve heard such wonderful things about the Deluge — that will indeed be a tough one to let go. Things that make sound, and things that play those things. This is a hard balance to get right!

Yes Deluge is a fabulous machine. Really changed the way I work, and brought fun back into my process. I’m not sure I will get rid of it, as its portability, and all-in-one ability will be hard to part with.

I usually start tracks away from my little bedroom studio with the Deluge on battery power, usually at the kitchen table. I compose/sketch a lot of parts and then move to the Studio and start sending parts out to hardware synths and develop further.

Ideally I would find a way to work with both, but without any hands-on experience with Hapax yet. I don’t know how that would work in practice. I’ll be keenly watching reviews to see how different people are using the Hapax.

If I could easily transfer my sketches from Deluge to Hapax, and/or find a way to continue to use the Deluge for sampling duties, then I might keep it.

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Ah cool I will definitely be keeping tracker and deluge, no matter how cool hapax is. I like to use sequencers and route them back into deluge where I can use the amazing arranger view to put it all together!

Thanks for the post , I feel a little better about the number of sequencers I have now :wink:


Lots of studio shifting gonna happen here too.

My SQ-64 is definitely going away.
My Blackbox is gone (was using it mainly as a
MIDI sequencer)
Tracker will probably stay but probably shift to standalone / portable use.
LPP3 still TBD - depends on how well I can use the Hapax by itself without a controller.