Turbo midi from squarp to octatrack: which one?

Hi everyone!

I see there are several options in the midi out settings on the pyramid (turbo x2, x5, x6,7) and the manual says these can be selected to avoid latency problems with elektron devices.

So I have an octatrack and a rytm, and I want to use pyramid as master clock, and use midi B to all my synths, and midi A to the octatrack (midi thru of octatrack goes to rytm) so that I can also send start/stop to the octatrack.


  1. does using the turbo protocol really help/make a difference?
  2. which one (x2, x5, x6,7) to choose?


hrm - i always saw turbo as a way to get your samples on the devices faster not really a thing for latency (if i’m wrong on this, i’ll gladly admit it). I have a Rytm, and it definitely is sensitive to clock skew. I don’t use turbo midi though because I think everything on your midi network will have to support it and most of my devices aren’t elektron.

Curious to see how it works for you if you turn it on though.

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