Triggering one shot samples on SP 404

hi there,

i’ve seen a few similar questions but can’t quite figure this out.

is there a way of having one shot trigs on a track to trigger say a long sample on an sp 404 so that when the track loops it doesn’t retrigger?

I’m assuming that you know that patterns in the pyramid can be one-shots ( ie don’t loop ) but you want the pattern to loop but the SP404 sample to only exist on the first iteration of the pattern?

thanks for the reply and no sorry, i just got the squarp and couldn’t find where you make the patterns one-shot in the manual or on the forum.

well… it’s kind of hidden…
it is in the “Seq Mode” category on the user guide
and it is called “Track run modes” :dizzy_face:

but actually it is more like “Pattern run modes” since it’s an option independant per pattern…:confounded:
(@squarpadmin, see what I was talking about when I talked about UI consistency since 2.0…)

you have to press 2ND+TRACK to access this option
and select the “TRIG” symbol for the RUN parameter (click on the encoder to change the symbol)

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got it, phew. thanks for that!