Triggering drum samples with Hermod?


Can someone point me in the right direction for programming drums with Hermod ?

I have a Hermod and two Erica Synths Pico (sample) Drum modules. These seem like a nice combinaton as each Pico Drum has two trigger inputs and obviously the Hermod has eight channels, so I was intending to use four of the Hermod channels to send trigger messages to the 2x2 Pico Drums. Perfect!

But how to program trigger- only sequences with Hermod ? I’ve managed to send randomised CV+gate patterns to trigger a synth successfully, but struggling to see how to turn off the CV and send triggers only. Feels like I need Step mode but not 100% sure how.

All advice gratefully received.

just set a track to modulation layout, put the gate out of the track in the trigger input of the pico drums. in step mode, push step button for a couple seconds to switch to gate editing. now you can press the button 1-8 to program gates. another way could be to put an 8 step long gate ( or wathever length you want) and add an euclid plug in to create the drum pattern, or the ratchet plug in

Works! Many thanks.

Although I couldn’t just “push button for a couple of seconds to switch to gate editing”. I had to hold down Step button and twist dial. But am on an older OS (1.3), need to upgrade. Has this stuff changed since then ?

Separate question. Do if you know if/how gate patterns like this could be triggered via MIDI In, rather than programming them in the Hermod ? I would like to trigger patterns like this via an Octatrack and could get it to send either MIDI pitch messages via Chromatic mode, or MIDI CC messages. But not sure how to wire Hermod to convert those into Gate messages (if possible).

Many thanks again.

yes you can just hold step button in later firmware updates.

I don’t know how the octatrack works, but if you set a track to receive on a certain midi channel, then send a track from the octatrack to that midi channel you should be able to get the gate on the hermod. Octatrack is a great sequencer, and hermod is a great midi/cv/usb hub, so they would work very well togheter

when u say “get the gate” on the Hermod, is it possible to be more specific ? Let’s say I set up a Hermod track to receive on a MIDI channel, and the Octa to publish on that same channel. What kind of MIDI messages should the Octa send ? Standard MIDI pitch notes (with the Hermod ignoring the pitch info) ? Or something more exotic like MIDI CC ? Wondering exactly how that Hermod Gate <=> MIDI mapping works.

i don’t know how the octatrack works, but yes, i think a normal sequence with notes is fine. i usually see people just pushing the lower buttons on the octatrack to program a pattern with just gates. again i don’t know how the octatrack works, but any track with gate (note on/off) message should work

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