Trigger midi notes suggestions

Suggestions for easier midi implementation

The definition files feature is really awesome!
I have a couple of suggestions
when setting up drum machines and samplers, (in my case the Roland tr-8 and the EMU sp1200).
Its so convenient now that we can label everything, used to drive me nuts looking for the correct note.

I suggest a new feature called “TRIGGER” or “CUSTOM NOTES” where u can assign the 16 pads to whatever midi note u like.
(Or the 13 keyboard pads, maybe better because I don’t think note repeat function works if you use smartpads as notes)

For example you hold 2nd and PAD 1 then a menu pops up with the options:
Assign. (Scroll midi notes ranging from “A0 21” to “C8 108”?)
Name (type in for example “Kickdrum”
Save. (Save what you have assigned so that whenever you open a empty project or startup the pyramid you don’t have to ASSIGN again)

Then boom you can smash that pad all u want and trigger a midi note you just assigned.
Should be able to ASSIGN full range of midi notes per instrument.

Lets take my SP1200 as an example
Lets say I want to ASSIGN Bank A and Bank B on the SP1200

On Bank A the midi notes are:
PAD 1 - 60(c3)
PAD 2 - 61(c3#)
PAD 3 - 62(D3)
PAD 4 - 63(D3#)
PAD 5 - 64(E3)
PAD 6 - 65(F3)
PAD 7 - 66(F3#)
PAD 8 - 67(G3)

And on BANK B the midi notes are:
PAD 1 - 42(F1#)
PAD 2 - 44(G1#)
PAD 3 - 46(A1#)
PAD 4 - 49(C2#)
PAD 5 - 51(D2#)
PAD 6 - 54(F2#)
PAD 7 - 56(G2#)
PAD 8 - 58(A2#)

By holding 2nd and PAD 1 I can quickly assign it to number 60 which is midi note c3
Wouldn’t this be a lot easier when dealing with drum machines?
The Custom Chord feature does only make sense for synthesizer.
Also Empty notes(UNASSIGNED NOTES) should not be visible for easier access.
Maybe on/off feature

Thanks :heart:


This is a good idea.

Would also be great to be able to set them up in the definitions file as well as a remap - ie: A1->G#3

I have not tried this but i guess you could do it with custom chords , if its possible to make a custom chord with only one note (wich i dont know, as i have not tried), this is not perfect and would make a global bank of notes rather than per track.


Yea would be great to enter in definition files aswell.
I have tested this in custom chords. Its not optimal at all, only 8 notes per Bank.
The banks will fill up to quick