Trigger livemode chord & scale buttons from Midi

Normally I wouldn’t ask a developer if this is possible, but with Hapax it seems sky is the limit, so I have hope that this is already implement or can be at least.
I am lucky enough to call a Hapax AND a LinnStrument my own currently (hope I can keep them because I’m always very short of money these days).
Now I’m not a great piano player nor am I good in music theory, so the live modes with chords and scales come very handy for me.
The only thing that keeps me from using them always is that the keys are rather click-keys and not very well playable (in my opinion).
ON my LinnStrument it’s the exact opposite. The keys are incredibly easy to play. BUT there is not a real scale or chord mode.
So I thought I’d connect both and see what I can come up with.
The Midi goes out of the LinnStrument into the Midi In of the Hapax.
Then from the Hapax to my computer and is playing virtual instruments there.
When I play the keys of the Linn now the chord detector in the display shows me the chords I play which is great and works perfectly! But in Hapax’ live chord mode the chords are not triggered. Instead the keys are played exactly as I play them on the Linn. But I would really like to play the chords as they are on the Hapax in the two lowest rows. And maybe also modify them with other keys.
I guess for this the input must be other than notes. Rather CC or something. But then I would have to ask myself how I can play CCs on the Linn. xD
So I would like to ask if it is somehow possible (or maybe already implemented) to externally play the buttons on the Hapax and still take advantage of it’s live modes.
I have to add the Midi Thru is off for the Midi in just in case someone is think I have the Midi Thru activated and that’s the reason why the notes play exactly like I’m playing them on the Linn.
Thank you for reading this!

as far as I understand your ‘request’,
basically what you want is for an external device (like the Linnstrument) to be able to used to essentially trigger the pads, such that you can map 0-127 pads on linnstrument to each pad on the hapax.

but not as a note… rather its ‘function’, be that to trigger chord mode (of even launch clips etc)

but, this is not currently possible.

you should send in as a feature request via the contact form.
(generally requests/bugs/issues are not accepted via this form, rather thru the above form)

as a personal note, as someone with a few mpe/expressive controllers…
I can see why you might want this :slight_smile:

that said, I actually prefer to keep the playing surface separate from the sequencers function.
allows me to focus… i.e. if I want to use the sequencer I reach over to it, to play I use the controller.
… also, I really dont need things like chord functions with isomorphic controllers, as they are pretty easy to memorise (compared to using a piano!)

however, I do wish Hapax had some of the pyramidi type functions of the pyramid.
e.g. It would be handy to be able to launch clips/record directly from my eigenharp…
currently, the only option for this is to use a pedal. (which is ok too :wink: )

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Thank you very much for the great answer, technobear!
I really appreciate this! And yes, you are exactly correct about my intention.
And your answer has also pointed me to another advantage of it.
If we could remotely “play” or “switch” the knobs of the Hapax it would also be possible to transfer complete sequencer sets with a bunch of Midi messages from any Midi capable device. How awesome…!
I will now go on and copy my request over to the contact form!
And BTW I also have a Pyramid (still, but I might sell it at some point in the future as I thought it slowly becomes useless now that I have the Hapax). Could you perhaps elaborate the current advantages of the Pyramid over the Hapax?

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