Transpose track

I recently bought my Pyramid.

I wanted to use the transpose function but I got lost.

I understand the ordinary tack, check the transpose box.
Set another track to transpose track (midi thing)

But how to transpose?
For example, I want to transpose track 1, track 16 is my transpose master, - 1 octave?

I don’t get it :disappointed_relieved:

If you just want to transpose one track one octave it is easier to select all the steps (zoom out so in step mode all steps are on one page) and transpose up or down an octave with the second encoder. Hold Rec to select them all at once.

When using the master transpose track, select love mode and hit a key. All tracks with transpose enabled will follow.

Ok, but I would prefer to use the track solution.
Using the sequencer mode.

As BoutiqueCase mentioned, if you go into Step mode, you can quickly transpose all the notes in a track by holding and rotating the data encoder.

Here’s from the manual:

TIP Hold to select the entire track, instead of pressing the first and the last step. For example, hold (record) and rotate 1 to transpose all notes.

This sounds correct

So transpose track ( track 16 in your case) has zero transposition at C4.
So if you want one octave lower, play on
Live mode or sequence C3.
Playing/sequence C4 will put you back to un-transposed.