Transpose not working?

I tried everything, but I am unable to tracks.
My setup: I have recorded an arp on track 1 that I would like transpose. The notes of track 1 are sent via MIDI OUT to a synth.
On track 2, I have recorded notes which are supposed to transpose the pattern on track 1. What settings are necessary to control track 1 from track 2?
Thank you for your help in advance.

Edit: the only think which seems to work is if I set Root CH01, which is the channel of my active track. Then, I can control the root note of track 1 from my keyboard. Anything else does not work.

yeah, Ive been playing in a similar area to this, when I wanted to have CV from MI Marbles being transposed by tracks… or Marbles transposing tracks.

there is no internal modulation from one track to another… only choices are cv or midi.

what I ended up doing was using CV A/B as pitch/gate and then the midi was modulating Root CH01.

the alternative, which might be applicable to you, is to use the mod matrix using CV A to modulate one of your effects that has transposition.
however, there is a problem here which I mentioned to Squarp.

the effect parameters are setup for things like 0…120, or -/+36 semis, this does not match to the v/oct that you get from pitch :frowning:
you can try using attenuators w/ gain to see if you can get it scaled correctly… but its a bit awkward.

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Thank you for sharing this. I think you are correct, the issue is not that transpose is not working, but missing internal routings. In the end, I also transposed via CV in coming from another sequencer.

Perhaps they could add the same master transpose track concept from the pyramid.

That said I like the new rootch01 method,
But I really wish squarp would ensure that features they add for midi are also implemented for cv (abcd)
CV input/modulation is a really important aspect of modular. more so than midi. IMHO

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it is possible to put a usb cable in host and device (you can do the same with midi in and out port with a midi cable). from there you put a midi output plugin on the track you want to be the modulator, and choose a cc to be send, then program the modulation you want. on the track to be modulated, in the matrix, you choose the cc, then assign it to the root or to the transpose parameter of a scale plugin set in chromatic scale, it´s super itchy cause you have to go back and forth from the modulation track, set the cv, then go to the modulated track and se if you hit the right value, then go back and adjust etc

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Yeah, this is kind of what I did in the end but going via the pyramid ( but any other sequencer would do).

sure but the hermod can modulate himself by outputting midi and putting it back directly in the hermod, i find it´s a very useful way to compensate for the lack of internal routing. sure, it´s a workaround transmitting midi out and receiving the same midi in the input port. this feature without the need to link the ports with cables would be neat

yeah, but i dont like feedback loops, and also using an extra track just for transposition is not that useful on the hermod, as we only have 8 tracks… on the pyramid theres loads of track so a non issue.

apart from that as stated above, I used CV A/B and modulated transposition outside hermod
(but that has scaling issues as mentioned)

another idea…
what you could do is use sequences to transpose, just copy the patterns and then alter the scale FX per sequence.
it uses ‘precious’ sequences, and its a pain copying sequences around - but does mean you don’t loose a track just for transposition.

the interesting thing about feedbacking the hermod is that you can avoid using the cv inputs and leave them for other purposes, that´s all