Transpose: midi notes dropping out


I’m running into an issue when transposing: every time the transpose note is sent, the midi notes seem to get cut off until the next notes from the pattern being transposed come through. Are others experiencing this? Is it a bug? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a work around?


I’ve been having the same problem and would love to know if there are any solutions/workarounds.


It makes Transpose pretty unusable with midi, which is super unfortunate. Seems to work ok using the CV outs though


What you’re describing is the current normal behavior. I wish there were options to make the master transpose more playable:

  1. Transpose & retrigger currently playing notes
  2. Transpose next notes but keep sustaining old notes without transpose
  3. Kill all notes and transpose next notes (this is the current behavior)

I guess this could be easily set in SETTINGS. I’ve proposed this feature on the old forums so I’m pretty sure squarp is aware of the issue.
At the moment all you can do is to know when your next notes trigger and then be very precise with your timing. Bad thing is that it always kills drones. So I’m fully with you. At the moment it’s not as playable as it could be.


yeah, just to chime in… I was super excited for the transpose feature and now I never use it because of hanging notes. Squarp, if you’re out there… please please (pretty please) could you address this issue? It’s so close to being a beautifully functional transposer.