Transpose Hermod from an external device?

First Hermod Post:

So let me say that the Hermod arrived yesterday and it’s just exquisite. I LOVE it.
Today I wrote a pattern I really liked, and wondered about transposing it.

I understand how to transpose my notes, but what I’m really looking to do is to play the pattern from an external keyboard. Could be CV or it could be midi.

I was really hoping that the mod matrix might allow for this, or maybe there would be a transpose effect/precision adder type effect so that it was easy and fun to just make patterns and then play them live.

I’ve read the manual (a couple times) and watched all the videos, and don’t see anything about this anywhere.

Anyone got this done?
How did you do it?

I’m about ready to take the CV output and run it into the adder in Links and just do it the old fashioned way, but it would be so cool if this were internally possible on the Hermod.

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Got an answer already!

From Squarp:

First, you can indeed use the modMatrix to transpose a pattern. In the MIDI effect (the one that’s always active on every track), there is a parameter called “Root Note”, default to 60, if you change this parameter it will transpose the whole pattern up or down by semi-tones. So if you add a mod in the modMatrix, say “CV A -> MIDI:root note”, you can then use that CV input to transpose the pattern.

This is so awesome!!!


I did wonder about this the other day. Good find :slight_smile:

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Yes it is possible without problem and in many ways! With CC or Note ON or CV
EDIT : Sorry, I did not see the answers.
Yes, that’s great

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Maybe i missed something but i can’t find a way to simply transpose from an external midi keyboard using keys (midi note) not CC. Any ideas?

I undertook the suggested method (above) of connecting CV A to Root Note and it works.
It’s a little squirrelly - the root note seems to get forced to 0 and then the keys played seem to falter a little within 1-3 semitones of the applied note.
Does’t feel like a precise 1v/ oct solution.

However, it was a lot of fun.

Another way to handle it is just using pitch bend. That’s a lot more stable to my ears, and while it’s more of a hassle for potential stuck CC data and whatnot, with the right bender wheel (no spring) it could be a lot of fun too.

But I’d still really love to sort out a stable, solid method of playing the sequences/patterns from an external keyboard. Possibly even the ability to loop that back in and record it.
That would just be so sick.

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Thinking this over a little more, I think that quantizing the CV input might make this CV - A to Root Note method a little more solid.

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Using only Hermod
I use another track for this purpose /
Track 1 is a note track. In the effect matrix: CV A -> Scale transpose or Root note

Track 2 is also a note track but I patch its CV output to CV A.

Then I can transpose the sequence played on track 1 with an external keyboard, the midi channel is the channel of track 2.

You can even record the midi messages or the transposition on track 2 like you would record any note pattern.

Using an external converter if you don’t want to dedicate an entire track to this
The other way would be to create a simple midi converter mapping the midi notes 0-127 to CC1 0 -127 or anything else.

Something like this

Of course it would be cool to have a kind of Hybrid track capable of recording Note and modulation, with the ability to route the modulation to one param of this same track. The editing in the Step menu would be complicated though. Unless the modulation is received on another channel, something like midi channel + 8 -> Channel 1 for the notes, channel 9 for the modulation :wink:


Thanks Elberstein !
Yes self-patching a 2nd “transposition” track into one CV input is the trick !


I have the same issue :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. This method is not playable. It looks that CV to midi note conversion is not properly calibrated?

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I think that it’s gotta be inevitable that Hermod is going to get transpose functionality at 1v/Oct. I just believe.

But I’ve been having a lot of success transposing my sequences on Hermod using the precision adder in Mutable’s Links.

Connect the pitch out of the controller keyboard (or however you’re determining the pitch - pressure points, whatever…) to input 1.

Connect the CV output of the track on Hermod you wish to transpose to input 2

Connect the output to the 1v/oct input of the voltage destination and start transposing the sequence in real time.

Of course this can be sequenced. So instead of using a keyboard to do it in real time only, we can create a track and the CV out of that track can play the pitches into the adder and thus automate these transpositions. And the bonus is that if you have the CV A-B inputs as your “active track” then we can also play additional transpositions in real time along with the transpose track.

Piles of fun, and no tuning errors per se.

I think it’s time for a precision adder effect in Hermod:
Input A (external keyboard input - or could be a midi ch)
Input B (could be a second source, or an internal track)
CV output is now processed through the adder internally and we are in business.

That would be really cool.


+1 Sunshine for a precision adder effect ! You must add it in the wishlist :wink:
Well for now i have no keys (or pressure points like interface) with cv out and no precision adder module.:disappointed_relieved:

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I’ll go edit my wishes now, and add this.

FYI: LINKS is a 4hp module and it does more than Add…
Not a bank breaking addition to any case. I love it, and kinks too.

I have to think about it. Thanks :wink:
A simple unity gain mixer could do the job too?

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I don’t know… that’s an interesting idea. I don’t see how that would work, but I’m keen to try it and report back.

+1 for a Precision Adder as well. Or anything that would make transposing very simple.

Is there any way to transpose one track from another via MIDI notes instead of CV? I’m already using all the Hermod CV outputs for synths, but I have free MIDI-only tracks.

Track channel N - ROOT/TRSP
MIDI IN FX -> Root note, change via mod matrix?

of course, you’d need some kind of feedback loop if you’re trying to do between hermod tracks - as there is no internal routing. (as you have previously brought up I believe as a feature request?)

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all good advice

Great advice!
But don’t you think it should be much easier?
I mean from what read ( i couldn’t test it yet on hermod ) routing a cc midi in the mood matrix to midi FX root note doesn’t work properly right? Or is not’playable’? (Because the cc to midi note making i guess)

I d really think it’add tones of value to make transposing live sequences easy from cc