Transport sending ghost chord on start

I only recieved my Hapax a few days ago, so I hope this isn’t a RTFM, but for some reason today my sequences are sending a “ghost” chord when I press play. It doesn’t play again on loop, so I’m wondering if some odd midi message is being sent on transport start. I’m not sending any clock out. I thought this may be a bug on the other end (a Jupiter 4 with rudimentary midi implementation) but now it’s happening with other instruments too (eg a JU 06a). It doesn’t happen (right away) when I remake the melody in new pattern, but it does continue to happen if I copy and paste a pattern to a new track.

Is this a known bug?

This might happen if you’ve not released “latched” notes within LIVE mode.

Thanks @Thibault_Squarp. I think I know what you’re saying here – when you say “latched” you mean notes I’ve played live mode while the “hold” or “re-latch” state is active – correct? Or are you referring to something else? In this case, none of the notes/chords are the result of chords/notes played in a “hold” or “re-latch” state.

Exactly. If that’s not it, I don’t see an obvious culprit. Can you send me your project file so I can take a look ?