Transfer Hermod project to Pyramid


Im thinking on changing my Hermod for Pyramid and wanna know if gonna be possible to transfer projects easily.


Up! Nobody?

i think the short answer is no :wink:

theres no import/export ability on the hermod… so the best you can do is to ‘play’ the hermod project into the pyramid (via midi out) - that will do the basic notes/automation, but will also lose some aspects, as they are a little bit different in places, and have different approaches/features.

I guess depends how many projects you have, Id guess you’d probably work out a reasonable route, after doing a few.

(if you won’t have the hermod and pyramid at the same time, for the midi recording, you could record to a DAW, and then go thru the process of importing that into a pyramid project)

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This is exactly what I thought… I have lot of projects…