Track transpose for changing controller keyboard note range

Hi there, I’ve looked for this and can’t find how to do it - I need to be able to transpose tracks +12 or -12 so I can play the right synth range on my midi controller synth (Korg Z1) in Live mode. Eg. When using a Moog Minitaur, I need to transpose the track -12 so I can reach those lower notes on my Z1 via midi.

I’ve looked at the transpose options but they’re all really complicated - using additional midi tracks etc. All I want is to change the default note range - any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I think the base C4/C3 can only be set globally in SETTINGS.

If you can’t transpose on the synth directly, all I can think of is to insert another hardware device in between your synth/pyramid to remap the notes.

Thanks for the help - will try the Global settings. This is easy to do in Cubase in the Track options, by just transposing up or down for each midi track. Hopefully this might be included in an update.

Scale FX
Transpose all track notes, before the scaling.


That’s it! Fantastic - thank you.