Track start step wrong


Moving things by holding 2nd and tapping arrows in step mode strikes me as a fairly clunky way to reposition a track. good for messing with things a bit, but not good if you want to shift things 5 bars over.

I wish there was a keycombo that would move any step pressed to the “1”


As a tip: 2nd+</> moves by one “pad”, so it is zoom level dependent. Just can easily zoom out and then 2nd+</> to move entire bars.


its important on the Pyramid to get used to zooming in and out to do things with finer/coarser granularity.

I find myself sometimes forgetting this, as I kind of getting locked into the 1/16 view of the world :slight_smile:

as mentioned above, did you try change to default perform = 1 bar?

as far as i can tell there is no bug/issue here, the misconception is about quantisation…
essentially your saying (by saying you want to start on 1) , you want to quantise to the bar, which s what default perform sets.

as stated above, I do agree it would be nice to:

  • have this quantising separate to ‘default perform’… though, as yet honestly, its not caused me issues.
    (and we already have so many quantising options, its getting complex)
  • be able to shift this start point manually,
    (its a bit odd thats it a ‘hidden’ parameter of the recording)

actually, on reflection, I may be getting the ‘correct’ quantisation due to using Live Looper = 1 bar, rather than Live Looper = beat. this means the recording is always started on the next bar start, regardless of when you punch in.
So, Im now not sure if default perform is part of it of not ( it seems a bit illogical that it was)
Its still just about quantisation, just which parameter is affecting it :wink:


right. I still find that a bit clunky.
fewer steps = better workflow.

I play everything in live from a midi controller. If I want to loop a few of bars from something that’s say… 22 bars into a pattern, isolating that loop takes a fair amount of fussing, and to attempt it in a live performance setting would be pretty silly.

It would seem that development is more or less closed on the Pyramid, but a loop selector or a quick way to tap a step and have it “set 1 here” - like in ableton - would be very handy. Especially for playing things in live and composing on the fly.


Not trying to argue with you or to say your workflow is invalid. Just trying to help :wink:


Oh @squarpadmin squarp can we get “set 1 here” please.


sorry, didn’t mean to take an argumentative tone there

after using the pyramid for over a year now, can’t help but notice this speed bump slowing things down quite often.


phew this is a really annoying thing:

recorded today a 6 bars loop … 1 note in the 1. bar, one in the 3.
now it always start playing at the second bar

please developers - give us the option to set the starting point of a track !


When it plays back from bar 2, where is it playing versus the other tracks or other sequencers your sync’d to? Is it still aligned like when you recorded it (just relaunching on a different step than you’d prefer)? Or is it now actually offset so your tracks are no longer lined up like when you recorded? Sorry couldn’t follow this issue above


the first note i played should be the first played in that pattern and not the last(second)) one

i know i’m playing with bad timing and i can certainly fix that by shifting the notes -
however from any logical point i can think of i don’t get why it starts at the second bar

yes ok it’s aligned as i played it … but as i’m playing so badly this is totally useless for and only causes confusion


Definitely seems strange. What are your loop record settings (loop quantization and Rec count in)? For example, could what you think of as the first bar of recording actually be part of a count in? That would explain why it seems to be starting playback on the second bar. Otherwise, I’m still not sure I understand the issue … so don’t slow down for me!! Good luck!


my quantization for loop recording is 1 Bar … if i set it to less then a bar the sequences were starting at odd step numbers

it definitely starts at bar2 … i don’t know what kind of count in you’re thinking of


very odd… either you have found a bug (which ive not encountered)
or perhaps you hit punch-in a bit early

when are you hitting punch in? on the 1?

what i do is always hit punch on 2, so 1, 2 (punch), 3 , 4, 1 (play)
(oh and i use the metronome, to make sure im clear where ‘1’ is (*), esp. on first track)

the reason is, if you punch in on 1, if you hit it to early, it will be on the previous bar, which means it will “immediately” start recording - but your expecting it too start in 1 bar time.

note: the screen reflects this, but you have to be looking at it - which im not always, as i use a pedal to remotely start.

(*) there is one thing thats a pain on the pyramid , the metronome doesn’t have a separate tone for the bar, to the beat , so i tend to have to look at the screen/pads initially to know where its at.
please @squarpadmin put out a different tone on metro for bar start!

i will say, generally I also had all sorts of issues with live looping when I started on Ableton Live with a Push - very similar to use, things never seems to be in the right place.

and frankly i got fed up shifting them around, as Id have to often go back to the keyboard/mouse to see and correct the issue. (it was a pain to do on the push, similar to pyramid)
I talked to a friend and he just said,
“live looping is a technique, its more difficult that it looks, you need to be carful of the punch in/out points, and practise the timing”

not profound, but he was right, i just practised my timing, and it improved and became more enjoyable, as i didn’t have to start fiddling with thing after.
my timing is still far from perfect, but it’s ‘good enough’, and so transferred to the pyramid.


all i want is a looper that extends the length of my track until i hit stop recording (quantized to my setting) - the start point of the track should be as on all other tracks on the 1. note of the 1. bar (a way to modify that would be very welcome)


ah i think i understand my confusion now…
you and others are not really interested in live looping, all this sync/quantising (which is really important for live looping) is just a complication your not interested in - you just want it to record, and then ‘edit/fix’ it after the recording ?! (e.g. set start point)

its tricky, as all the live record modes are really setup to do looping, and so keep things in sync, thats just how the pyramid is designed.

I wonder if squarp understand this workflow, what your doing… of perhaps like me, they just assume everyone wants to have this looping functionality.
perhaps if they understand this, then the ‘start 1 here’ might make more sense to them.
(as Im not sure it makes much sense in a live looping workflow)

anyway, hope you get your ‘start 1 here’ option.
I guess till then you are stuck with : rotating, or trying to sync your punch in (as suggested in my previous post)


yes exactly … that can be more time-consuming than just entering the notes in step-mode

i hope - as you say -squarp understands me and can implement this
to my thinking this should be easy : as they obviously already have an internal option to start a track elsewhere - they only need to make this available as an option


I don’t think they did from their first response…

the thing about this thread, is its framed as a bug (start step wrong), whereas squarp/others and I just saw it as , thats they way live looping works… in that context there is no bug.
but really this thread is about wanting to use a slightly different workflow, rather than an bug in the live looping functionality.

so, I think I would drop them an email (this is where they want feature requests) and try to explain your workflow (*), and how it differs from live looping - see if they are willing to support that workflow.

once they understand/agree the workflow, they are more likely to be wiling to add features to support it.
(rather than adding a feature, which they don’t understand how it fits in with the way they think the Pyramid is/should be used)

thats the thing about hardware devices compared to computers/daws,
the former tend to have more prescribed workflows (due to limitations in UI etc),
whereas the latter try to cater for many different workflows (more cpu/memory/UI)

(*) whenever I send bugs/feature requests to Squarp I tend to outline what Im trying to do and why,
rather than just the bug or what feature I want - so they can tell me if I’m doing something they’ve not designed for/is unexpected, or they might have a better solution. … or frankly, even just tell me that thats not in the scope of they pyramid (though they have never said that yet :wink: )


thanks - you are right - when i started this thread i believed it must be a bug

i will write a feature-request


In Settings:

Activates a countdown before a recording in live mode (When the player is stopped and you press REC then PLAY). You can select the duration of the countdown. The countdown will be sent on the metronome output channel and note


● POLYMETRIC LOOPER: now, you don’t have to STOP Pyramid to record a new pattern with the looper and its countdown. It’s a great way to create polymetric patterns (different track lengths) on the fly.