Track Live mode?


I would like to know if there’s such a thing and if not, if it could be added somehow (doubt it but I can hope haha)

feature: a new Track Live mode where a pressed pad fires up a cv/gate corresponding to the note set for this pad.


  1. Adding a Live track selection to the actual notes/modulation layout.

  2. When in Live track mode, we can press a pad to set a note by using the encoder (the note will be fired when pressing). Therefore, we can set 8 different notes (the concept of length does not exist anymore or is kept to 8 maximum)

  3. Each pad can play a different note that will open the gate for as long as it is pressed (the last pad pressed takes over).

  4. It can be used with Hermod playing or not (there’s no play head concept in this mode)

Well, I thought about this feature because I wanted to fire a clap manually but I have nothing in my rack that can do that. The only thing that could do it is my Hermod and well, that could add quite a lot to be able to use the pads as launch pads. It could be 8 notes of a scale that we could play live from the “keyboard”.

Don’t know if there’s that many people that need this feature but that could be nice!

and perhaps we can do that already and I just don’t know how…

there is not live play mode… and as you can say, given the limited UI, and I don’t feel like the buttons are very suitable for ‘playing’ (they weren’t designed for this) - so, Im not sure how ‘useful’ it is.
… personally, what I do for this ‘use case’ is use an external controller.

but please send feature request via the contact forum

Thanks for the answer.

well, the pads are fine when muting/unmuting so I guess this could be useful. not intending to play some Chopin with that anyway haha. but yeah, the pads might not respond very well to several consecutive taps :pensive:.

Using another controller is obviously the best solution but it adds yet another module/external piece of gear so I thought this could be nice if Hermod could do this too. Perhaps something to consider for “Herpax” then ; ) (or a 16 pads expander module!).

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Maybe try to add a little USB midi Pad Controller and use the “active Track” to send different midi notes.
If the Midi Controller has a good editor, you’ll be able to make pads send the notes you want on the midi channels you want. I know… Adding stuff is not always the desired way to go :)) but adding functionality sometimes requires adding gear :)):

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Thanks! Yeah, I went with my OT haha. Was feeling a bit much for such a simple use case so I added some samples while I was at it and sync the Hermod too (the internal clock is not as good as the OT one)

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