Track length greater than sequence length

hi all,

if anyone has an answer to this it would be a great help.

i’m working on a live set where i’m triggering long track parts on an sp 404
and trying to build long patterns within tracks that match the sp 404 parts trigger jomox and other synth bits.

so on the sp 404 track each pattern is the length of that long track part and i was aiming to have say each pattern of each separate instrument track the same length of the sp 404 and i could have a master fx pattern for tempo changes etc.

i was hoping that when i went to sequence i could arrange a song/live set that play the full length of the patterns/tracks(which are generally between 200 and 350 bars) but the max length is 64 in SEQ. it’s easy to do this in the mpc 1000.

is there a way of making the sequence longer so i can have a full detailed patterns playing along to the long sp parts? it’s seems like a strange limitation that sequences can’t play the full length of tracks or can’t be arranged to do so.

or am i missing something, hope so!

Each pattern can be up to 384 bars.

Oh duh, sorry.
I dont use SEQ mode. Heh
(Well, for now)

Looks like the limit of each part of a sequence is 64 measures. Sorry.

If you dont need to use patterns, just stay in Track Mode for performance, then you have the full 384 bars.

Or if you have the gear to get tricky with midi clock, you can run the Pyramid at half speed…?

i do need to use patterns unfortunately. it’s a bummer!

had it all set up and then got to SEQ mode and realised this limitation. if you could increase the length of the sequence to the same length as the tracks/patterns it would greatly improve functionality for me and i’m sure others too.

can’t be that big a fix

Probably something something OS registers or addresses or or variable lengths or something.

Im very well aware of workarounds. The unit is brilliant, but some of us can never leave well enough alone, eh?

Sorry. Without being able to grok more about what you want to achieve and why you have to do it this way, im out of suggestions. Apologies.

Hmm, AIUI the length of a sequence is considered to be the number of bars at which the tracks sync and loop around and so could be 384 bars (and beyond, at least in theory). The 64 bar limit is a song chain limitation, ie the maximum length of a single link in the song chain is 64 bars. It’s a somewhat subtle difference but there is one.

Tracks in FREE and TRIG run modes can cross sequence boundaries and continue to play until muted or in case of TRIG, the track ends, as long as they’re active in the current sequence. So if you just add more consecutive links to the chain, those long tracks will continue to play. Eg to play a 256 bar track fully in the song mode, set it to TRIG, add four 64 bar links to the chain and just make sure the track stays non-muted throughout. The active sequence itself can change or stay the same. And of course those links don’t need to be 64 each, they can be whatever length makes sense in your song.

Or so the theory goes. I’ve never worked with tracks/sequences that long on the Pyramid, I suppose there could be other less visible limitations lurking in there. The 64bar link length seems like a bizarre and artificial limitation, but then I can’t begin to imagine working with tracks/sequences that long on the Pyramid, I find going beyond 16 bars or so gets increasingly painful as you can’t jump around within the sequence.


thanks for this, that helps. will give it a go and report back.

it would be a lot easier if you didn’t to get the caculator out but if this works it’s
a good workaround :slight_smile: