Track length - could it be increased?

Yes, I’m already thinking about the future :smiley:

Is there any possibility to have “infinite numbers” of bars like with the Pyramid or there’s a design choice that makes it impossible without changing the workflow?

Because it’s seems that the number of available tracks/patterns/etc., are quite different from Pyramid, and one of the main reason I bought the Pyramid is for that generous number of tracks/patterns/steps/etc.

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a) please can you use descriptive topic names
(Ive changed the title now)
b) perhaps its a bit early to start launching feature requests :wink:
(no walkthrough demos, and you don’t have it in your hands yet…)

that said, of course, there are going to be lots of questions - as people decide if they want to purchase it or not !

but I suspect/hope we will be seeing more videos etc over coming days that will shed light on many things including design decisions, workflow etc

different product means different ways of working, so perhaps these are non-issues.

as you say , I think the workflow will be different due to be able dynamically load new projects on the fly… so you can organise things differently.
similarly, track length, hapax has track elasticity, so a longer track could be one that plays at 25% tempo.

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is there anything in the Hapax manual that indicates a hard limit on the length? yes, total tracks are down from 64 to 16 versus the Pyramid but not sure about the actual number of bars per track

that aside, even Pyramid has latched looping of Sequence playback, which I assume Hapax will have something similar for Song playback (haven’t dived deep enough into the manual, without actually having a Hapax yet to go through the workflow)

yes, theres a track length in track settings.

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Thanks for your reply and fixing the title :pray:

As for the videos, I don’t have that much time as I have few days left to give back the Pyramid I purchased few days ago.

So I need to quickly know if I should keep my Pyramid or get my money back to buy the new Hapax.

yeah all cool… Im sure we are gonna get a ton of questions over next few days!

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For sure.

You did an AMAZING job there!

Really, the Hapax looks like the Holy Graal of hardware midi sequencing.

My only real concern is/was the pattern length, but I’m sure that there will some update or I can hack it like you suggested by slowing down the tempo on the specific tracks.

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As I’m reading the manual on Song mode, it seems any limitation on Track or Pattern length doesn’t affect how long a Song can ultimately be – unless there is a hard limit on the number of Sections that can be chained to form a Song. but also, Song mode has infinite loop mode, so in theory any Track(s) could be infinitely looped as a Section or Sections in Song mode

Well, my issue is really the number of steps per pattern. I write music which uses very very long patterns (think +1024 steps).

Until now I was bound to my DAWs, but with Pyramid, even after using only few days, I could build whole projects without much issues (actually I had few ones, but it’s independent from Pyramid).

So I really hope they will move to longer tracks.


I’m sort of in the same boat.
I’ve had my Pyramid for almost 2 years and love it. It was and is the only thing I’ve seen that does what I need: long songs with a lot of parts.
I always use more than 16 tracks but I don’t use Patterns. I don’t think they work as well for my workflow on the Pyramid so I’ve never used them. It looks like Hapax uses Patterns like I use Tracks so that won’t be a problem (I’ll use e.g. 8 tracks with 4 patterns each instead of 32 tracks). An improved Euclidean mode will also save some tracks in songs that use Euclidean mode.

But I still need the track/pattern/section/song length to be pretty long.

32 bars for a track is not long. Zooming and changing tempos per track might work but that gets so confusing. I use different zoom levels on some of my projects and every single time I do, I end up screwing something up when jumping back and forth editing different tracks at different zoom levels.

I’m not sure if I hope I’m wrong about this((because I love so many improvements in Hapax vs Pyramid) or if I hope I’m right (so I don’t have to sell the Pyramid and buy a Hapax).

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also in liveloopmode ?

This option provides a way to capture your performances as if you were using a looper pedal. The length of your track is not predefined, and will be determined by the final length of your recording.

sounds like no lenght restriction…

Looper Mode - means that when you start recording the length of the loop is not predetermined.
you have to press record to stop

(opposed to, normal recording where the length is fixed, and at end of length it will either stop recording, or overdub, depending on rec settings)

Id guess, but I’ll have to check, it likely stop recording at 32 bars :wink:

Whelp, just (back)ordered mine so I would appreciate everyone solving all mysteries, fixing all bugs, and answering all questions, and perfecting all workflows before they start shipping again in July :wink:

Thanks in advance!

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yea could be, will test it end of next week hopefully…