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I’m trying to setup multiple tracks to control channel 10 notes playing digitakt samples. I can get control working and in euclidean mode I can set the correct note on the first track, but other tracks keep defaulting to match the note on the first track. So track 9 I have set to C-1, but when I try to turn the knob to set the note on track 10 to be C-1# it immediately snaps back to C-1. I assume I’m just not doing something correct here?

that should not happen…

perhaps you have a midi loop come back from the digitakt, such that the note sent out on T9 is coming back in.
simple way to test is unplug digitakt and see if pyramid does the same thing.

if this is the issue, you can stop digitakt sending note… or turn learn notes off in settings of pyramid

Full edit:
It does seem like a MIDI loop issue from the Pyramid itself. Turned off learn notes in settings and I think that fixed everything. I’ll check the manual to learn what that option does. I missed that last line in your original comment when I woke up this morning. Thanks-

I guess if I had a wishlist request, it’d be a for a setting to enable learn notes for note/chord step modes only. Otherwise I think I can live without learning for the rest of the heavy lifting the pyramid does.

Can you not turn off the midi being sent back by the digitakt. That’s the root of the issue - not the pyramid.

The suggestion about turning off midi learn was really a diagnostic … not really what I would use as a solution.

There’s no output from the Digitakt

The only devices sending midi into the merge box are the Pyramid and two midi keyboards. The Pyramid is the only box with a connected in/out loop.

Then I guess the loop is there then

There is no loop ‘in the pyramid itself’ , it must be happening externally.

You might also be able to use anti echo, but that’s similarly ( to me) a band-aid.

Your scenario works fine for me here, I use it a lot to do Euclidean beats using the Rample - which in the same way is on one channel , and I send it different notes for each sample.

Weird, ok let me try just patching one cable in/out on the pyramid and see if it still does it. Maybe there’s some other stuff going on with my merge/thru boxes.

Oh and I do already have MIDI Echo set to Stop Echo so that doesn’t seem to help-

Yeah direct cable still does it. I can upload a video if you think it could reveal something I’m doing wrong.

e: video here

I mean this makes sense to me that it’s picking up the notes coming back in, I just hoped echo would recognize Pyramid’s own notes and block them out.

In your setup do you have MIDI going back into the pyramid?

yes… Ive both DIN and USB MIDI into my pyramid.
DIN from Octatrack , USB from my iConnectivity, which is were my keyboard is connected.

BUT… Im very careful to ensure there is no loopback.

you video doesn’t really show anything… as I tried to explain above, this is not an issue on the pyramid its your routing… the only thing I can see on your video, which kind of confirm this, is I can see you are constantly getting MIDI IN…

anti-echo… actually yeah, on reflection this wont solve…
anti echo stops echoing from midi originating externally - here you are generating the midi on the pyramid
so different use-case.

so to solve this, you need to focus your ‘testing’ on things outside the pyramid.

I cannot really guess where, since you have never detailed the exact setup.

there are two things I would do to solve this

a) draw your setup
on a piece of paper, draw how you have everything connected, ins to outs, thru mergers etc, and write down midi channels on it (etc)

sometimes, when you draw it, you might see your issue - which is hard to see in a mass of cables.

b) systematic diagnostic (*)

you need to remove all cables, and start with a simple setup that works,
then add each component separately , to determine exactly when/where the issue starts.

so start very simple :
Pyramid Midi out -> Digitakt

test… no issue, continue (you now know its not digitakt or pyramid)

one keyboard midi out -> pyramid midi in (direct… no hubs etc) , if its a synth do NOT connect midi in

test… no issue, continue
so continue adding one thing at a time, each time checking.
… if you start getting the issue, stop…
do you now know what the issue is? can you break down that step further?

sorry, thats all I have…
good luck.

( * ) unfortunately, usually Id suggest looking at the info/midi in on the pyramid, but you cannot do this here, since its only happening when you are on another screen on the pyramid.
so you’d have to do use an external midi monitor, which few people have :frowning:

The video is the pyramid going out, and back into the pyramid. There are no other devices in the chain. I think this confirms this was expected behavior and I’ll look into revising my setup and workflow to accommodate. I think we’ve had a bit of miscommunication. Thanks for your help, you clearly put a lot of effort into your post. I won’t waste your time any further on this.

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