Track directions anyone?

I’ve searched but didn’t find an existing post regarding this topic. My humble apologies if I missed it…

I’d like to see the Pyramid be able to change track directions like forward, backwards, ping pong etc. Maybe it’s a bit too step sequencer like for some but choosing the forward option would solve the issue immediately :slight_smile:

I love the way they implemented directions in the Polyend sequencer but that thing is way too big for me to take on stage plus the Pyramid is a more sophisticated device IMO. Same goes for the Arturia BSP.

Any thoughts on this?

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I assume this is the kind of feature that could make it into a V4 firmware, and would probably high on the priority list as every other sequencer offers it now (Squid, Polyend, even the lowly BeatStep). I’m not sure how well it would integrate with the rest of the Pyramid though, there are probably interplays between features that we haven’t thought about that make this “just play it backward” feature not as simple as it looks on the surface. Thinking about MIDI effects, recording, polyrythms. The Pyramid is a complex machine and working back this kind of basic feature could raise a number of regressions in many unexpected areas.

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I understand it will be a challenge to have this feature work well with midi effect etc.
Maybe the option to choose between polyrhythms, midi effects or directions per track would make the implementation easier.

I think it might be pretty doable if given it’s own limitations… maybe a direction FX available only to track midi clips that are 1-4 bars… beyond that… I’m not sure it would be contextually useful.

The pyramid sequencer model doesn’t lend itself to track directions very well because a single track/pattern can have overlapping steps of varying length, unlike a traditional step sequencer. When playing in reverse, should it send ‘note on’ where the ‘note off’ is? Or should it play the note at the ‘note on’ position with its length extending into the other direction?

I don’t think there is any conflict with MIDI effects though. The effects ‘see’ the notes played by the track steps. If you run the steps in reverse, the effects would just get the notes in different order. No issue there.

it should just turn around the “play head” with all that that would entail.

as we cannot see the code, we have no idea of the complexity of the task.

it feels like its out of scope to me, as this is not within its current design,
but hey, squarp are the ones to ask …

send a feature requests to

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Done that some time ago and was told it’s on the roadmap.


wow, that’s great news.
I’m chuffed to hear there’s a roadmap for updates.

I asked a while back as this is a feature I’d really like but was told that it wasn’t possible.

I’d love the possibility of inverting a pattern / selection as this seems like something that’d be much easier to do and could lead to similar results with a bit of programming.

I think consolidate function could have the options to flip or reverse pattern notes…
like, vertically and horizontally

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This’d be great although It’d also be nice to be able to do it from step view if it was possible, maybe a key combo or something as it’d be nice to be able to reverse only parts of a track…

Just a note of pedantry… Inversion is commonly accepted to be distinct from reversal.