Tr8 control my modular with hermod?

Not sure if this is possible but can you use a tr8 or even my beat step pro to trigger individual channels on the hermod? I am basically trying to use the hermod as an interface between one of these machines to control each module as an individual drum sound. For example bd of the tr8 sequnces gate 1 on the hermod and so on.

I was just messing around with this yesterday.

The Beat Step Pro drum section should work great for this. You don’t even really need the Hermod. Just connect the drum outs to your modules/VCA or whatever you want to trigger and it should work nicely.

The TR-8 is a little funny.

My answer is that sometimes it works. It depends on the device you’re sending it to.
You get a total of 5 outputs on the TR-8:

  1. Left
  2. Right
  3. Aux A
  4. Aux B
  5. Headphones

I was trying to use Aux A as a sequencer clock (works for the Mono/Poly, sort of worked for the SH-101) and B as a trigger for the modular.

The problem is that with the TR-8 you can’t assign a sound to wherever you want. You are stuck with the sounds assigned as they are. There IS some variation of sounds in the KIT/Inst section and so finding the sound that triggers reliably is fun, and not always successful.

The 808 rim works very well. The rest of the sounds were hit and miss. A hi conga with short decay and higher pitch also worked out.

As an aside, the more current TR-8S has pretty nice dedicated trigger outputs specifically for this purpose, I’ve tested and used this and it works great.

I was trying to do a lot of things and so this isn’t exactly what you are asking.

In terms of using them with Hermod, yes, I think so.
You have inputs A-D and you can configure them as needed for these purposes.
As long as your destinations are set to receive what you’re sending in, it should work very nicely.

I was originally super excited about using Hermod as a MIDI to CV breakout expansion for the Pyramid because I always need more than 1 CV/Gate output. In the end I have ended up recording into Hermod, making edits and saving the remote patterns within Hermod and working with it there.

Through is fun, but very I often need to re play or do it again, and so saving accidental, and improvised setups has proven quite useful.

Thank you so much for that explanation sounds like I can’t use the tr8 to do midi to cv with hermod

I wouldn’t use if for that in front of people, no.

I’d look into a BSP or a TR-8S for sure though. Those will definitely do the job.