Touchpad & encoder assign for each track/midi channel?

Hi - got my Pyramid now and really enjoying it. However, I wondered if there was a way to assign the touchpad and encoders for each track on a different midi channel? I have a different midi synth on each track and would like to switch between them and immediately have the touchpad and encoders changing the filter, cutoff etc of that particular synth.

If I assign the touchpad and encoders globally (ie cc’s sent on the current track) then that doesn’t work, as each synth has different cc’s for filter cutoff etc. If I assign the touchpad and encoders to the track I’m on (say track 1), when I change the track to track 2, the touchpad and encoders are still changing filter cutoff etc on track 1.

Any help would be good - thanks!

no, when not used as global, they are designed to be independent of track
i.e. so if your on track 5, you can still alter something on track 1.
this is actually explained in the manual under ‘assign principles’, where they says it per project, rather than per track.

i can see why you’d want it differently, but thats not what is there currently - who knows what OS 3 may or may not bring :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Right, thought that might be the case - would be nice to have the encoders/pad assigned per track, but for now I can just choose which synth will benefit most from them per project. Like you say, fingers crossed for OS 3…
Actually made my first tune last night using the Pyramid and sounding great - very happy!