Torso T-1 Sequencer

Torso T-1 generative Sequencer is now live on Kickstarter. It looks like a cool device, even though it’s very niché and mainly for coming up with ideas or live performances. That’s my understanding anyway, cause there is no mentioning regarding projects, load or save.

At first glance, it almost looks like a per knob function, which is it but you will have to use shift a lot as well as using the RGB pads to get a sense of the dialed-in value of the encoder which for me would be a nightmare, but for the intended use probably welcome as you simply turn until you like what you hear.

Think it looks like a nice product, and it will probably do well, but it won’t replace any Pyramids. :slight_smile:

What do you guys think?

Well it looks like you can save patterns on it, without a computer. That’s cool.

I had my eye on that before I decided on the Pyramid

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Yeah the Pyramid is a different beast all together, I’m really happy i got mine!