Toggle (note on/off) as Arturia has?

Hi everyone, would it be possible to set the Pyramid up for “toggle” notes on/off ala Arturia (Beatstep etc.)? I can’t seem to find it in the manual, and it would be very handy for starting & stopping playback af sample loops.


is it possible? - no
the pyramid is more piano roll oriented - so has note/step length.

would it be possible? - you’d have to submit a feature request to Squarp via the contact form

honestly, I cannot see how it would work in the UI, seems like a fundamentally different approach.
perhaps when you submit the FR to Squarp, you can give them an idea of how it might work.
but only they can say if its feasible/something they’d want to do.

I dont use a Beatstep so Im unfamiliar with its “toggle note on/off” feature. A quick poorly caffeinated morning scan of the Beatstep manual seems like you can just click the Step to turn off Note Events for that Step…?

On the Pyramid, you can Mute/Unmute a Note Event in Step Mode by holding [2nd]+[Pad]. Toggling between Mono and Poly Edit Modes allows you to Mute Steps or individual Note Events.

If for a performance you wish to Unmute one or several of these together, you can max out (at 127) Global Parameter Mute Probability via Encoder, external CC, or even a Loopback with Pads dedicated to On/Off for Muted.

Thank you both for replying, it seems I instead need to investigate whether this can be accomplished by sending a “hold” command to the sampler…

ah, I don’t have one either… but I assumed that the Beatstep allowed you to toggle on/off notes on the pad (rather than use them as momentary/gates)

perhaps @aski865 it’d be better to explain what you want to do
(rather than say like X… when many of us won’t have that :wink: )

but as I stated… there is no way to toggle in the step sequencer or live mode.

that said… you might be able to play with CC64 (sustain) IF your sampler supports it… .though of course that won’t work polyphonically.

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