Toggle MIDI input?

I’m wondering if I’ve overlooked a fast way to toggle the MIDI input for track to be enabled/disabled.

My situation here is I’ve got an Intellijel Metropolix going into the USB Host input and I’m sometimes using it to record patterns into the Hapax, but I don’t always want the track responding to the MIDI input from it.

Would be great it clicking the encoder could toggle it on/off so that I can do it easily without having to make sure i turn the encoder to the correct position. If there isn’t already some way to do something like this, i’ll send it to the suggestion box!


Great idea

This idea has been called “MIDI Echo” here on this board earlier. I think it is on the baklog of Squarp.

Yes I am eagerly waiting for the Auto Echo function as well, but being able to easily toggle midi input on/off is also very usefull. Even after we have the Auto Echo function. And it is easy to implement (I think).